Today I visited Natural Dog pet store that has only been open for about a month. I was not expecting such a wonderful facility. They moved into the old Fresh Market and had tons of room and quite a selection of toys. In my opinion the facility at Natural Dog is cleaner and less overwhelming than at other pet stores. The staff is friendly and I recommend this pet store to anyone looking for a change in where they shop for dogs. The toys isle was so amazing. My doggy Millie did not tag along because I had never been there and didn't know if it was a safe place. There be pictures in my next few blogs because I have to get a cord to upload pics to the computer

As always this is straight from the Puppy's Mouth
We all have to fight this battle at some time or another. Millie has gone from being a fraidy cat to pulling with all of her energy to walking right by my side. Our method, Every time she pulls say your version of no firmly[ in my case it's ant ant] and turn in a sharp circle you have to be consistent with this method for it to work. We use a padded harness and never at anytime resort to choke collars. Choke collars are bad for the dog's neck and over time can make it hard for them to breath. I have a boston terrier with a flat face so choke collars aren't an option anyway. Another great option is the head harness it goes around the head and applies light pressure to the nose causing uncomfortable pressure no choking no harm. The good thing about the tools that I just mentioned are also reasonably priced [normally] so you don't have to break the bank Good LUCK!
And remember this is straight from the puppy's mouth
Winter is a cold time for all of us especially our dogs. If you have a sled dog or a dog that is adapted to the cold you don't have to take extra caution to make sure your dog is warm but if you have a short haired dog, toy or hairless dog you need to take extra measures to ensure your dog is safe and warm. There are a lot of products that can help keep your dog warm. All of these products are available at most pet supply stores.
1. paw balm or cream- protects your dog's paws from ice salt and the ice itself it also keeps the paws from cracking
2.heated water bowl- Keeps your pets water warm so after those walks he'll have his own kind of hot chocolate
3. boots- I know I know its really funny watching dogs waddle around trying to get boots off. Boots help protect your dogs paws from the elements more so than paw balm. They keep your paws warm so they don't get unbearably cold. [ some dogs DO NOT tolerate boots.
4. Heated bed- provides an extra cuddly snuggly environment for your dog to sleep in on those extra cold nights.
5.coats- this is probably the most common item for small dogs in winter they do well what a coat does
-keep your dog dry and warm when bathing keep the dog warm and bath indoors. keep the baths short. Dry quickly with towel or use a hair dryer.
- before going on a walk put dog clothing in the dryer for a few minutes this makes the clothes warm for your dog and will keep them warmer on their treacherous walk through the neighborhood
-take caution with antifreeze or ice salt it is highly toxic to dogs and can be fatal. Wash your dogs paws frequently to take away most of the chemicals. This is very important.
-winter is really hard on dogs with arthritis ask your vet for winter advice.
-this one I do a lot heat up water and poor it into a water bottle put in the bed with your dog for extra warmth
Remember this is Straight from the Puppies mouth
The puppys mouth was created because when I first got my dog [eight months ago I couldn't find a blog that handled my  problems and went through the way I did on 24/7 basis. My problems included potty training, leash walking, jumping on people, puppy proofing and many more canine problems . I have a small dog [boston terrier] and she is wonderful but was not always everything I knew she could be. come with me on the puppy journey. My blog will include solutions to common dog problems and misunderstandings. Hope this helps!


    I am a unprofessional blogger about my experiences with dogs. I live in N.C. united states. I have one dog currently and this is her journey through puppyhood.


    January 2014